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My Story


Growing up, my truest sense of self always shone through when I could unleash my creativity and collaborate with others. Photography entered my life a bit later, following a fulfilling journey through school and a career in London's fashion industry.


In 2021, when my wife and I got married, we entrusted a remarkable duo to capture our wedding day. Reliving those cherished moments through the lens of photographs and video sparked an urge within me to create the same feeling for others. Fast forward to 2023, when my son entered the world, and the classic parental instinct to immortalise every precious moment took hold. I plunged headfirst into photography and videography, ceaselessly documenting both significant milestones and the equally precious everyday moments in between.

In the art of freezing time and capturing treasured moments, I found a creative fulfilment that had been missing in my life. Crafting photographic storyboards and short films became as much a part of my creative process as the act of capturing the moment itself. Soon, friends and family sought my lens to preserve their own special occasions - from christenings and weddings to intimate gatherings and simply wanting to capture the mood of a weekend away with friends.

My approach to content creation mirrors my relaxed personality and zest for life. Influenced by a tapestry of popular culture, travel, and as a foodie - my work reflects a blend of diverse inspirations. Growing up amidst an energetic Swedish family in London and exploring corners of the globe have enriched my perspective, fostering a deep appreciation for human connection. Meeting and working with people who share in the pursuit of a life well-lived is everything to me.



My Approach


I strive to tell the story of the day - both in capturing the fleeting instances and the big, significant moments. Consider it a digital legacy, a beautiful record of the day to be cherished for years to come and effortlessly shared with loved ones near and far.


At every event, I seamlessly transition between photography and videography, crafting a comprehensive portrayal of the day that authentically reflects its essence. My candid, reportage-style approach stems from a desire to naturally evoke the emotions and spirit of the occasion. While I may offer small suggestions to optimise timing and lighting, my aim is to preserve every precious, defining moment without disruption.


Throughout the event, I fluidly move about, intuitively following the rhythm of the day, all the while ensuring minimal intrusion as I seamlessly blend into the background.

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