"Great personal style is an extreme curiosity about yourself"

- Irish Apfel

Becoming Mr. Motif


Hello there, old sport. First of all I would like to give you a warm welcome to my humble shop. It means a great deal to me that you are taking the time out of your busy schedule to find out more about our brand. Allow me to introduce myself - My name is Erik, and I am the founder of Mr. Motif, a men's fashion maker dedicated to bringing you accessories that truly stand out, both in quality and style. Herein follows a trickle of thoughts regarding the foundations of the brand.   


How It All Started

This journey really didn't start with anything more than me, a notepad, a couple of outlandish thoughts in my head and a fortunate meeting with an amazing British designer called Sophie Thomas. Despite my seemingly surreal ideas Sophie has gone on to successfully fuse my thoughts into the beautiful products as seen in The Founding Collection.


Brand Vision

My vision was to tackle a sweeping misconception that men's formalwear had to be so serious and conformist - The challenge was to play with the boundaries of traditional fashion in order to encourage gentlemen around the world to convey more individuality in the way they dressed. This has since been the core mission of Mr. Motif - challenge convention. 



Our Inspiration

Our logo, The Tudor Skull, is a perfect portrayal of the key elements in life that inspire us as a brand - heritage meets vogue. The logo itself first came to life when we were working on our signature pocket square, the Skull Flower. The floral pattern is reminiscent of the famous Tudor rose, a traditional heraldic emblem of England that takes its name from the House of Tudor. The skull motif, inspired by the Festival of the Dead, then instills this historic sentiment with a touch of modern expression. The resulting motif was met with huge admiration and as a continuation of this we've always tried to keep an ongoing struggle of old meets new at the heart of everything we do.   



Absolute Quality 

It has always been my core belief that all of the products we produce must exist at the forefront of sustainable fashion. The aim has therefore always been to produce motifs that will last beyond a lifetime, which is why we have worked tirelessly to ensure that our "Made in England" label means working with the very best designers, manufacturers and tailors around the country. I am proud that we are able to support local businesses, but as a nation of expert craftsmen I know that we have a quality guarantee which is hard to match anywhere else. 


Responsible Luxury

Irreversal changes to natural life have sadly always been a shadow over the luxury industry - from destructive production techniques to wasted materials. This is why we are committed to building a responsible and ethically minded business that looks to minimise our imprint on this earth. Our most recent action has been to work with a lovely British box company on producing the majority of our signature kraft packaging from recycled materials, with minor additions sourced from sustainable forests. The packaging itself is made to a standard that we hope our customers will keep proudly in their home, therefore driving less waste back into the world.  


So, hopefully this has been an insightful look into the foundations of Mr. Motif. I certainly look forward to seeing your name on our next order list, old bean.


Until next time - Erik S. Motif    




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