"Great personal style is an extreme curiosity about yourself"

- Irish Apfel

5 Ways to Fold a Pocket Square





The pocket square is an immortal hallmark of the refined man. Not only does it serve as the perfect statement piece, but it is also hugely versatile in nature. As such, it is important to understand the basics of how to wield such a vital accessory.


There are countless ways to fold a pocket square, and each gentleman must find the style that suits him best. Having said that, there are some essential folds that have always been considered "standard issue". Herein lies a list of what we consider to be the options that will serve you well as a starting point.






The presidential fold, otherwise known as "The President", is the perfect option for the gentleman who is looking to settle with something a little more understated than your average fold. This signature style first came to fruition while president Harry S Truman was in office, and its practical nature was immediately taken on as the everyday wear of a man who holds his daily wardrobe in high regard. 



The Peak is a great statement fold for all types of occasions, whether it be a wedding, birthday or any other grand celebration. This simple and yet pronounced fold allows the wearer to feature unique details of their square, forming the perfect stage for self expression.  



The Two Point fold is an iconic feature of the well groomed man. Not only does it give the viewer a delightful glance into the variety of the pattern on display, but it also gives off an allure of absolute sophistication and self awareness. It is an easy fold to grasp, but it will reward the user with an immensely well put together look.



Feeling a little bit more confident with your classic folds? Why not try the Four of a Kind? This fold is ideal if you are looking to make a memorable first impression. It may take a few attempts to create the evenly spaced points, but once mastered this style will never let you down. We recommend trying this number with a firm material such as linen or cotton. 



The Cooper puff, otherwise known as the "Gary Cooper" (named after the American film star), is the most essential fold for any owner of a silk pocket square. The soft and pillowy nature of the silk goes perfectly with this stuffed and puffed finish. It is possibly the easiest fold known to man, but its natural form makes it an ever changing and always intriguing look. Combine this style with any one of our pocket squares for maximum effect.  




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