"Great personal style is an extreme curiosity about yourself"

- Irish Apfel

Physical Art Meets the Digital World Through "PixelsPencil"

First came the internet, then came the influx of web-based design, and now there can be no denying that we all live in a semi-detached reality where the brush has been replaced by a pen pad. However, that's not to say that we are all headed towards doom and gloom (despite what the traditionalists might say). There are some truly inspirational artists out there who are doing some ridiculously amazing things to combine the physical world with our newly adopted virtual reality. The combination of real world art and computer design is a very difficult thing to bring together, and I applaud those who take this on.   


On that note, allow me to introduce "PixelsPencil", a pseudonym for a fantastic artist I have recently discovered who defines his art as a mix of digital & physical art & photography. Known for both his intricate portraits, his abstract faces, his street stencil works and also his free art series, #sketchinabottle and new ideas and experiments. His influences are many from film, music, fine art, street art, computer code, comics and much more, but to give you an idea of his range I have included some of my favourite pieces below. Enjoy!







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